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Angelina is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Northern Alberta. (ACFN) understands Denesuline fluently. one of youngest of 16 children.

Angelina Pratt B.Ed. is the General Manager / Director of Claims of Alan Pratt Law Office. She began her career in the land claims area, began as the Treaty 8 Coordinator for the Indian Association of Alberta, in early 1990’s

She became the Executive Director for Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research (TARR), working with 44 First Nations in the three Treaty areas in Alberta on funding, research and negotiations of their land claims in. In that position she managed a staff of researchers and lawyers. She also chaired and attended numerous Alberta All Chiefs’ conferences and sat on National Boards.

In 1991 Angelina accepted the position of Co-Director of legal and historical Research of the Indian Claims Commission, a Federal Commission of inquiry to review rejected specific land claims.

She became the Executive Assistant to the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN). Ovide Mercredi

After establishing a consulting practice Angelina agreed to assume her current position as General Manager/Director of Claims at Alan Pratt Law Office, where she supervises and co-ordinates all land claim research initiatives in the office, including preparing negotiation budgets and other support services to the Firm’s lawyers and clients.

She resigned in 2020 as chairperson on the board of governors of Nechi Institute Center for indigenous learning after 25 years of service.

Founder and Manages A non-profit charitable foundation Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and training. (GIFT)

Produces and host empathetic witness podcast where she interviews phenomenal indigenous content on addictions, colonization, residential schools, and numerous topics affecting Canadian indigenous people.


Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Melbourne, Australia ,New Zealand, Hawaii, Edmonton,Alberta

World indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium(WWINEC)

Toronto, Edmonton,Alberta Banff, Nechi Institute Center of Indigenous learning 45th Anniversary Edmonton


Angelina is available to discuss many of the projects she is involved in. if you are interested in being interviewed on empathetic weakness he can be contacted at angelina@prattlaw.ca or angelinapratt@hotmail.com