Awe is always around Us

What does it mean to be awestruck? Do you actively cultivate awe in your life Kelter) As an Indigenous person, a Dene. I am gifted vibrant oral stories passed down for generations and our traditional ecological knowledge, we are intrinsically part of ecosystems. The Importance of nature, trees, green space. Seeing sunrise and the sunset…

 Recovery – a Road to Self Discovery

  It can be difficult to get your groove back after  taking steps   in your recovery, transformation, and healing. Maybe you went into recovery because  you felt your life depended on it,  and there is  no denying that it did. It was this desperation that propelled you down the road to recovery. Do you agree?  But…

Let’s Chat

 Can  We Talk? From the time we are born society  imposes expectations on our behavior.  2-year-olds are often described when they misbehave in public as throwing a tantrum, after all that’s expected of  a 2-year-old, and it is tolerated.     Societal  has other expectations  for our relationships. For example, being raised in an Indigenous family I…


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Angelin in Paris
About Me

About Angelina

Angelina is a member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Northern Alberta. (ACFN) understands Denesuline fluently. one of youngest of 16 children.

Angelina Pratt B.Ed. is the General Manager / Director of Claims of Alan Pratt Law Office.

After establishing a consulting practice in Indigenous Rights Angelina agreed to assume her current position as General Manager/Director of Claims at Alan Pratt Law Office, where she supervises and co-ordinates all land claim research initiatives in the office, including preparing negotiation budgets and other support services to the Firm’s lawyers and clients.

She resigned in 2020 as chairperson on the board of governors of Nechi Institute Center for indigenous learning after over 2o years of service.

She is founder and Manages A non-profit charitable foundation Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and training. (GIFT)

She is curious in nature and enjoys reading and writing.

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