2022 striding into the new year with eyes wide open

My intention in 2022 is not about losing weight although I could stand to lose a few pounds, it is not about exercising more. I could do more of that too. 

My intention, my goal for 2022 is to not live small, to show up in life because  my actions matter and the people in my life deserve to see the very best version of myself, Which is to show up in service to indigenous peoples struggling with addressing their trauma.

The next Being a Leader course starts in January 2022. If  your interested in creating the best life for yourself connect with  Tanyss Munro tanyssmunro@gmail.com     2022 I will continue my journey of growth and transformation,  particularly as it pertains to my foundation  Seventh Generation Indigenous  Foundation and Training. (G.I.F.T) I’m really excited To be part of a group of extraordinary humans on the foundation.  Our vision has capabilities to be a game changer in the delivery of services to indigenous communities across Alberta.

First, I am excited to confirm renowned physician and expert on trauma Dr. Gabor Mate has agreed to support GIFT foundation in the capacity as advisor to our curriculum writers. secondly, we start the new year by inviting additional board members who hold expertise in the areas of psychology, sociology,, law, and curriculum development.

My late dad, Isidore and older brother Fred Deranger

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