Seventh Generation Indigenous Training and Foundation (GIFT) gives Purpose and Hope for Future Generations

6 generations CIRCA 1970, Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom, Older sister, Dora her daughter, Donna and baby.

You may know or not know that our family earns our livelihood working for First Nations across Canada in the area of land claims and Treaty and Aboriginal Rights. I am committed to giving back in some way to First Nations. This foundation is key to giving back, in large part because I owe the quality of life we enjoy to Indigenous peoples.

GIFT is incredibly grateful for a partnership with renown physician, author and, addictions expert, Dr. Gabor Maté, our donors, and volunteer Directors, who are committed to the vision of wellness in indigenous communities across Canada.

Being Denesuline is at the core of who I am. I am proud to be Dene. Fortunately, residential school did not diminish this pride.  

The Denesuline ancient spiritual energy is many generations old, and it is incredibly resilient.  Intergenerational knowledge and resilience flows through my nervous system and throughout my body. My ancestors, Denesuline from Northern Saskatchewan’s traditional knowledge is in my blood and is activated in the expression of my genes and in my Dene language.  When I hear the drums I hear the inherent intention of my ancestors. It is what gives purpose and resilience to my life, the songs of my people are in my heart.

GIFT was created on indigenous philosophy of seven generations, an indigenous traditional knowledge belief system that lives on in each new generation.  You are part of that vision.

GIFT acknowledges; Geoffrey Murie, Creative Director, at Creative Branch,J. J.W. Shuler, Joe Alkhouri, Cooperators company and personal donation, Steve Buchko, Jeannie Carriere, Paul Wortman, Laird Hunter McGee, Richard Toogood LLP, Alan Pratt Law Firm, Marion Cumming, Dennis Calliho,QC, Dr. A. Joshi, St Laurent Dental, and anonymous donors which unfortunately I am unable to thank. If you are an anonymous donor, please email me. I wish to acknowledge you and include your name in the acknowledgement on the website. While I understand you didn’t donate to get recognition, I’d like to do this as a token of our appreciation for your support.  

Finally, your initial donations in 2021 is being put to good use in developing an extraordinary curriculum which will set a gold standard by which other organisations will want to emulate.

The question the curriculum writers asked is: “What does not currently exist in delivering Indigenous curriculum on addiction?” By asking the question they are creating a curriculum that not only meets the needs of indigenous communities but will exceed it.

Angelina Pratt, Founder, Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and Training (GIFT)

My son Andrew Pratt gifting new books from his initiative, Andrew’s Books, to donate new books to isolated First Nation Schools to counsellor for Long Lake 58 First Nation’s school in Ontario.

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