January 25, 2022 Update

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January 25, 2022, Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and Training

This is our first update in 2022.

The team on the foundation is dedicated and experienced. Our energy is electric. Every meeting we have on the foundation builds on the excitement and enthusiasm we all share.

I have been occupied with how to best acknowledge individuals who have donated to the foundation. I want to honor these special humans for their generosity.   I have some ideas. The work of the foundation is very close to my heart because sadly I have lost a number of family members to addictions.

I experienced pain, hopelessness, disappointment and grief from losing my brother Samuel (Rossi) and my nephew, Quinton to addictions. The goal of our work on the foundation is that no other Indigenous person will have to go through that. It is why this work is so important, and which is why the acknowledgment to those who have donated to the foundation is also very important.

Here are some ideas to recognize our donors:

  1. Creating a lifetime membership to the foundation with a discount on all courses and;
  2. featuring the story of a donor monthly as a superfan of the foundation.
  3. A small gift, which would hold Indigenous medicine, including a brief information pamphlet on indigenous culture, such as the meaning of two spirit individuals and the importance our oral history.

Our first goal is to develop an online course, looking through a  trauma lens, in relation to racism. The target audience are leaders in the community, Chiefs, Councillors and band managers. I have the support of the Chief of my First Nation, Allan Adam.

Chief Allan Adam ACFN with my late mom on her 90th birthday

Blackfoot/ Dene brothers

Progress is slow. However, we are making good progress establishing a strong foundation for our courses.  Our team has been busy setting the groundwork to develop outstanding curricula. We recognize we have to deliver a unique curriculum which is not offered anywhere else. The standard we have set for ourselves is to achieve par excellence.

The first step is a needs assessment in the community. It is essential because the First Nation members know best what is missing and what is required for their own personal growth, both individually, and as a community. 

Finally, we are exploring how to best use social media to spread the word.  Some thoughts are to use Indigenous youth who are interested in media, video photography, and creating short impactful stories on tik tok, and instagram. I have connected with a film producer who would gladly mentor the youth group.

The outline of our course is below, and still under development.


Introduction to Intergenerational Trauma

  • Define, discuss, and explain intergenerational trauma
  • How does it affect me?
  • How does it affect others?
  • How does it affect my community?
  • How can it be addressed?


  • Definition of Colonialism
  • Impacts of Colonialism
  • How does colonialism affect us individually, interpersonally, and communally?
  • What is white settler privilege? How does it affect and maintain colonialism?
  • How can we heal from and dismantle colonialism?


  • Define and explain
  • Steps in decolonization and dismantling colonization
  • Personal decolonization plan
  • Communal decolonization plan

Psycho-Social Effects of Racism

  • Explore racism and its many facets
  • Symptoms of psycho-social effects of racism
  • How does racism affect me and my community cognitively, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  • How do we incorporate an anti-racism lens in everything we do?
  • How do we overcome the effects of racism?
  • How do we address and recognize internalized racism?
  • How do we address and heal from the psycho-social effects of racism?
  • How can we contribute to dismantling racism and engage in anti-oppression/racism activities?

Harm Reduction

  • Define and explain harm reduction and the underlying principles of harm reduction.
  • What is the difference in harm reduction approaches within Indigenous communities and within non-Indigenous communities?
  • Discuss the controversies around harm reduction and how this affects harm reduction delivery and services.
  • How does colonialism and white settler privilege effect harm reduction?
  • Create a community and individualized harm reduction plan.


  • Explain empowerment
  • Interpersonal empowerment
  • Intrapersonal empowerment
  • Community empowerment
  • Steps for engaging in empowerment
  • Community empowerment plan

Moving Forward As A Community

  • What do we need to move forward?
  • Steps in moving forward
  • What role can we play in moving forward?
  • How do we engage the community in moving forward?

Community Healing Plan

  • Discuss environmental scan
  • Discuss action planning
  • Discuss strategic planning
  • Discuss community consultation
  • Create a community healing plan

2 responses to “January 25, 2022 Update”

  1. I like very much what I have read Angelina. You are all doing great work….something that is very much needed. My son was addicted for many years so I have some idea of what families go through when their loved ones struggle with adiction. And during the month that I stayed on the Piikani Reserve in 2012, I saw first hand the effects of racism and addictin on the people. It was heart-breaking. I applaud you in your efforts and pray for success for you.


    1. Thank you Barbara for your comment. It is indeed heartbreaking to watch first hand The devastating effects of addictions.


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