One Word -Senses

December 8, Beginning another spin around the sun!  I am blessed and grateful for gifts received, yesterday.  I appreciated all my gifts with my senses to savor the moment.

  • Sight – received a couple of beautiful flower arrangements.
  • Scent -the bouquet of roses we’re fragrant and reminded me of summer
  • Sound – talk on the phone with a couple of family members who wished me a Happy Birthday, it’s music to my ears.  And received beautiful headphones. I when I opened it, I said Oh no, I might get killed and not know it is going to happen.  lol but a few minutes later, after installing the software into my phone, I said, this is amazing! Normally I don’t listen to noise cancelling headphones because I want to be able to hear the ambient sounds if someone comes to the door or walks up behind me. But these headphones allow you to hear ambient sound and I don’t need to be worried while listening to podcast or whatever.
  • Taste – the chocolate cake was moist and so delicious
  • Playful fun, and laughter – I received a couple of games for the switch and had so much fun last night playing these new games with Andrew.
  • Touch- I have something coming in today from my girls in Hawaii, and I can’t wait to open it.

One response to “One Word -Senses”

  1. Happy Birthday my love!


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