Love Perspective

April giving her grandma a message #love,#compassion

January 05 What is LOVE? (Hint a perspective)  

Canadian born rapper spoken word artist a poet and now an international bestselling author who writes about love and goes by Humble The Poet. this is from his new book How to be Love

  • Love Is always there
  • There are no flaw that we have which prevents someone from loving us
  •  Show up in service for others
  • Accept your body without judgement get naked look at yourself and list 5 things you love about your body, say it out loud, tell others. I love how strong my arms are for example, or my eyes sparkle and are beautiful
  • Honor yourself with gratitude
  • Dance with yourself daily get in tune with your body move with the music
  • Practice doing something outside your comfortable zone If you’re afraid of heights go for a hike. If you fear public speaking, join toastmasters.
  • Power is given to who you blame for your situation. Choose not to be a victim. Be accountable and responsibility for your situation, even if it is only 1% your fault, give the power to you.
  • Reframe your perspective I am not my challenges. A partial stroke left me with long term deficits and it has not stopped me from starting a charitable foundation ( or producing and hosting a podcast, Empatic Witness, when there are literally thousand in existence.
  • Be authentic and vulnerable
  • Meditate take out am I doing it right or wrong? just be still
  • Feel what you’re feeling. If you’re sad observe what you’re experiencing without judgement, be curious about that feeling.
  • Identify that one positive thing in the negativity around you
Babies have all they need to be Love we can learn from them

One response to “Love Perspective”

  1. You are real “thinkers” in your family Angelina and these thoughts are very good for the start of a New Year. Thankyou and hugs. XO


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