Excited about Life?

The summer my sister Mary came to visit and we hung out, a few years ago!

August 13, 2022, I am having fun thinking, about how to improve my podcast Empathetic witness I am listening to other podcasts with the intention of noticing what works for them, in this process I am learning.  In the last couple years, I have found a few of things, a Charitable foundation I created, seventhgift.ca my podcast, and my blog on Word press.  

I am passionate about these things, and it gets me up in the morning feeling excited about my day.  The key is to look for something that involves being of service to others, and for a greater cause. 

A couple years ago feeling frustration about social media and wanting a deeper connection with “friends” on several social media platforms and I created the private group on Facebook as an experiment. The idea was to see if I can gently nudge people to interact on a deeper level.

Two years into this experiment I am pleased to notice more interaction on a deeper level not just liking post but comments that engage one another. the best are open-ended questions.

what is your experience with social media, are you satisfied with the interaction you are experiencing?    

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