My name is Authenticity     

Dr. Betty Bastien Blackfoot Elder Extraordinaire

Years ago, my social worker friend and I drove to a First Nations community in Alberta. Along the way she shared with me stories, the loss of her husband when she was in her twenties, her relationship with her mom. She told her stories like it was possible for me to experience. I was touched, moved, and inspired by her words and bravery.

 I decided to enroll in leadership courses, not just any type of leadership course but with Landmark Education because of its transformational curriculum.  I continued my quest for self-improvement the years since that drive and it serves me well. 

  In Man Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankel. He says we must answer the question who are we being?  The answer gives us purpose, particularly if it is in service to others.  If you live into bravery by your action even in the face of fear at personal cost, you create a new possibility for yourself.

 Believe in a new possible future by letting go of what is not working in your life and reach for possibilities you never thought possible. 

Why do I say my name is authenticity? it is because every day I lean into being authentic. And, if I notice I am not authentic, I asked the question what is stopping me in this moment?   Doing so I create a space for a new possibility of being.

Beginning today what is your name? Who are you being? 

  • Brave
  • Integrity
  • Authentic
  • Leader
  • Compassionate
  • Explorer
  • Lover
  • Teacher
  • Healer
  • Hero

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