Darling you are Love

Today, I am feeling wonderful, grateful, and content, one Month into the New Year. Tomorrow is February, love month. Lol  

I buy myself flowers because I love them

For years I never celebrated Valentine’s because I viewed it as a stupid holiday. I felt that those that didn’t have a Valentine would feel more isolated and alone because so much commercialization was placed on that day. 

Instead, I like to celebrate love each day rather than only one day a year.  I incorporate loving thoughts When I do a task for others, like cooking. I don’t stop there. I also have loving thoughts for myself, when I make the bed, when I sit quietly to read and enjoy my tea.  A couple years ago I told Siri on my iPhone to call me sweetie, and when it does it feels good.  Lol

I have so much to be thankful for, and each year, my blessings multiply.

I find myself, feeling more empathy for people, as I get older.  And I am more willing to forgive and accept circumstances whatever they may be without creating a story about it.  

Like they say, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I don’t know who coined that phase, but it’s brilliant. I notice how I begin my day sets the tone for rest of the day. I begin by journaling, this year I am using 100 Day Gong & Gratitude journal. One month into this Gong I am feeling more gratitude.

Combine with daily meditation, and I am good to go. Interestingly, when you approach life that way, almost everything becomes the small stuff.

A key for me is to not take myself seriously, and not take things personally.

I admit it is something easier said, than done, but I strive each day to let go of my attachment to my ego and to be right. When your ego is bigger than your humanity, the meaning of LIFE is lost. And life is about relationships and how these relationships affect your life and those around you.

My sisters and late mom l(late Liz in red)

This year so far has been more focused on family.  I experienced too many family members passing.   When someone you love and have known all your life passes, it can’t but put LIFE into perspective.  After the shattering reality, and then finally the acceptance of losing someone, it changes you in a very profound way.  Sometimes this change is brief, and other times it can change how you live. For me it is the latter.

I have come to regard my family as life’s treasures. My relationship with my family and friends is to me an exercise in love and acceptance.  Paradoxically, years ago, this was the advice given me by my brother Patrick. Although it took a few years before I embraced the notion that LOVE does make a difference. Our conversation stayed with me like a seed that bloomed when I was ready to accept it.

However, it is not as simple as saying “I love you”, but it is the intent and our actions behind our actions that give it meaning.  

I hope my family and friends too will recognize how very special they are.

 Moreover, we are in control of how this journey will unfold, either lovingly, or, in conflict.  Trust me, there will be a shift towards magnanimity and with that comes acceptance, love, and forgiveness. Forgiveness, not just for others but to forgive yourself, is fundamental.  If we strive for that we will always be respectful and interact with one another with integrity by choosing our actions and words carefully, I have aphantasia which I regard as a gift.  Simply put it means that I don’t have the ability to create images, or sound in my mind. I didn’t discover this until after a partial stroke four years ago. Because of this I don’t hear any negative talk or stories in my head. 

Most of the time our story is the conversation playing in the background, like a tape on a loop, in our mind.  This “noise” sets the tempo in our heart, and creates the mood of our dance, which is LIFE.  Why don’t we do this instead, purged the negative background conversation and let the music come from our heart. This music is pure and comes from a place of LOVE and GRATITUDE.  May your life’s journey be filled with blessings, Love, and Peace. I hope this piece provided some perspective to your day.

One response to “Darling you are Love”

  1. Such a beautiful post Angelina, and a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year and the “love month”! You reminded me of a message on my phone that used to speak to me when texts came through. It said “Hey Beautiful…youve got a text message!”… lol! I loved it!! Thankyou for this happy and positive post! Big hugs! XO


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