To Honour And Respect


All life is sacred. Every living being is sacred each one of us carries a sacred gift. These gifts have been obscured through colonization and genocide that has created intergenerational trauma. Substance abuse, mental health, and community and family breakdown are symptoms of this trauma.

The GIFT Foundation envisions a collective way forward for Indigenous communities, families, and Nations to embrace the individual and collective gifts they carry. Together we will break the cycles of trauma and illuminate our worlds with health and wholeness.

Dr. Betty Bastien


GIFT has brought together a diverse group of committed people from across Turtle Island to share their voices and knowledge to walk with communities to shatter the impacts of colonialism and restore Indigenous culture and spirituality.

The renewal of Indigenous knowledge, customs, and languages will create a path forward for the healing of trauma and the elimination of its effects. GIFT will walk with Indigenous communities through collaborative participatory curriculum and training that will pave the way forward as together we ensure our communities, families and Nations are thriving and not merely surviving through education and growth.

GIFT Mandate

GIFT’s operational foundation is based on the Seventh-Generation teachings and philosophy.

GIFT will contribute to the healing of the seven generations we carry with us today and those who will come forward on a pathway to restoring our lifestyles and ways of being prior to colonial contact: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually strong.

To meet its vision, mission, and mandate GIFT will engage in the following areas.

  1. Health:
  2. Collective trauma healing and the elimination of its effects such as substance abuse.
  • Education:
  • Provision of affordable courses to Indigenous Peoples across Canada
  • Financial:
  • Provision of scholarships for tuition of Indigenous peoples when needed.
  • Mentorship:
  • Connect individuals and communities to mentors as they journey through healing.
  • Training and Capacity Building:
  • Offer educational tools to Chiefs, Councillors, community members, students, and those who work in healing and substance abuse.
  • Compassionate Inquiry:
  • GIFT will lead through the inclusion of compassionate inquiry models.
  • Indigenous Identity:
  • Development of Indigenous identity empowerment based on local teachings and philosophies.
  • Online training
  • Provision of online training based on traditional knowledge and ways of being

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