Season Two Empathetic Witness Podcast

“You must  be willing to give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” ― Joseph Campbell A Hero’s Journey

Roger Deranger Dene artist

One might wonder with literally thousands of podcasts in excistendence why did I create Empathetic Witness without any experience.

  1. I bring a unique perspective as an Indigenous woman. A Densuline from a large Catholic family in Northern Alberta, 10 boys and 5 girls.
  2. I am a Indian Residential school survivor.
  3. I have a vision to create a safe place for conversions that bring people closer with empathy and compassion.
  4. I am creating life with passion and curiosity.
  5. I chose guests who excite my curiosity.

Season One of Empathetic Witness produced seventeen (17) episodes and was my debut into the podcast world. I found the process to be both exciting and exhilarating. The podcasts satiated my curious nature, aided me in meeting and getting to know new people, and discovering new knowledge and information. Sharing is an important part of Indigenous Peoples worldview of being and doing. I want to share the experience of discovery of new skills and the feeling of purpose and a reason to be and to wake up each day with podcast listeners.

Empathetic Witness invites you to challenge assumptions about Life. It encourages people to embrace reconciliation as we examine truths, explore reparations, and show up in the world willing to learn and accept the responsibility for our actions.

Empathetic Witness in its first year looked at a whole array of topics encompassing the impact of the creation of residential schools, cultural genocide, the Indian Act, mental health, resilience, and survival. The end goal is to have every listener finish the podcast of the day with a sense of hope and optimism, no matter how difficult the conversation.

Each podcast is an hour long. Listening can occur in a commute to and from work, a road trip, an hour set aside for self actualization, or even while preparing a meal.

All podcasts involve conversations with people who share their experiences and honour each and everyone of us with their enthusiasm, presence, and wisdom. 

Season Two has begun with this same enthusiasm and a new focus. The new focus includes generating more podcasts that invites a larger audience and an expansion of learning.  You will notice international guests with a passion for life that gives them meaning, and joy.

The first season had a vision of supporting  Seventh Generation Indigenous Foundation and Training (GIFT) and its original focus was trauma related. As the season progressed While I still support the work of I realized that the original focus was too limiting. by broadening the conversation it becomes inclusive.

The second season will concentrate solely on Empathetic Witness and its journey. It will include fewer conversations on addictions and trauma and will concentrate more on hope, triumph and resilience. Empathetic Witness guests will be inspirational humans who will share personal stories that will encourage and motivate listeners to thrive rather than survive.

A highlight of season two was a conversation with film producer David Solomon from Adelaide, Australia regarding his documentary “Two Brothers Walking found at:

Future episodes will include interviews with a human rights activist from Lima, Peru, a Canadian naturopathic doctor, Indigenous musician, a Dene language keeper, a Program director working with rural African farmers, a Founder of a school in Bangladesh for marginalized women, and much more.

Grab a tea, listen and take part in the Empathetic Witness Podcast journey of discovery, excitement, and pride. All podcasts are recorded on the unceded territory of the Algonquin First nation.

See You There.

The kitchen where I record. Moving to an office soon.:)
Image by Roger Deranger Dene artist

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