Ottawa River Sunset

Over the summer, a technique I learned about in a course was how to live into your future. 

We started with setting a date we want to accomplish something, and then you reverse engineer what you hope to accomplish by that date backwards until you reach today’s date. 

For example, my friend Wants an organic orchard on his land not too far for from here. He asked me how can he accomplish this using this method?  I gave him these steps to follow.

  1. Create your team.  His team is a horticulturist, seed supplier, and a friend who has an orchard near Niagara Falls. He needs at least six members on his team.
  2. Meet with the team assign tasks and a system for measuring accountability.
  3. Map what needs to be done each week until you reached the specific date of completion. 
  4. Visualize walking through the orchard look at the details how does the soil underneath your shoes feel is there a scent on the trees. I always have problems with this type of exercise because I have aphantasia, which means I can’t visualize images in my mind, but I can experience the feeling I want.  Our brain does not know what is real or imagined, what feeling does a walk through your orchard give you I asked him?

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