You Can chose The Life You Want

October 5     A new day!  You are under no obligation to be who you were five years ago – Alan Watts
I follow through when I start something. But there are times when I have changed my mind.  I like when I Moved on from a job, and a fiancé, in fact, I sold my condo and moved to a different province. It did not mean I failed.

 According to natural law, events happen as they are meant to happen, so we can learn from our experiences.   When we view our experiences as learning steps it is never a failure. When couples break up one will question, what in the relationship was real?  But in retrospect, one could view the relationship as a learning experience. What did the relationship teach us, and what positive elements can we take from the relationship.  Both the teaching and the positive aspects of the relationship can improve our next relationship when we learn from it. This applies to anything, business, education, and friendships.  Often, we will stay in the same relationship whether it is a business or personal relationship because of the fear of the unknown, or we feel comfortable, but that is not a good reason to stay In the place that does not bring you joy.
The truth is, there will be another relationship, another, opportunity. As we evolve and grow from experience, we will discover happiness and joy, because along the way we figure out what works best for us, and we chose to not settle for mediocrity.  We are complex humans. Indeed, because something is expected of you doesn’t mean you are stuck with it. Ask the question what is the message?
Perhaps the message is you are growing evolving, and it may be time to make new choices, it is not giving up, or quitting it is pivoting as you continue your journey in a different direction. Nothing stays the same, we have 40 trillion cells in our body, we are not the same person we were years ago. It makes no sense to hold onto something you said you were going to do at 20 years old.  Understand there will be times when you need to make space for something new, demand for yourself, happiness, and joy by living life to the fullest and don’t be afraid of change.
Ottawa River with Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal, me and son, Andrew Pratt

water feature at office

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