Me, not sure what made me laugh but I love this pix.

 I wish you happiness!  Elbert Hubbard, a well-known American writer, and philosopher, said “Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.”

This means you have control over your happiness. You can train yourself to be happy. The most important thing to understand is happiness like, a spark can ignite into something big within you. Don’t wait for something special to be happy. Here is how you can be happy without trying. 

  • Happiness is contagious, be around happy people call someone who makes you laugh.
  • Connecting with a friend will make you happier, but you must be 100% present and listen to what they say.  
  • Go outdoors, you won’t “try” to be happy you will BE happier.
  •  Floral scents and fresh flowers will brighten your mood.
  • Aim for specific goals – Consciously take steps to make yourself happy 15 minutes at a time. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and reflect on your blessings while you sip it.
  • Make the mundane exciting, connect it with something you regularly do. For instance, say “I will listen to my favorite songs and dance with abandonment for 20 minutes after arriving home from work while doing chores.
  • Make repetition fun – Relate your actions with things you love. Combine your desire to be happy and your love for certain things. Listening to your favorite song while you clean is good. Reading while you soak luxuriously in a bathtub.
  • Look for the appropriate social support – We are influenced by what we consume. Music, tv, or podcast   and reading. These can inspire you. Which is why I listen to happiness podcasts.  One of the meditation apps I use is called 10% happier. 
  • No matter what occurs in the day find something good about it.  Reduce your complaints 10% each day.
  • Finally do something for someone to make them happier.   

2 responses to “HAPPINESS is WITHIN YOU”

  1. I agree! Making the mundane exciting and romanticizing my life by finding joy in the little things have really changed my outlook on life.


  2. Indeed, I listen to music while I clean, it makes it fun to dance around the house. lol


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